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At  Heart in Heart Parenting we believe family is the center and foundation for all children. Families are the first social setting in which children experience education and learning and strengthening the family core is essential to the foundation of not just children, but communities.


We believe that building strong communities begins first in the home and continues into the classroom. The life skills and characteristics we teach our children during their childhood and adolescent years, will allow them to contribute positively to their own families and communities in adulthood.


Heart in Heart Parenting is dedicated to strengthening relationships, families, and communities through the use of non-punitive methods to encourage and empower children to strive in their future.

Our Core Values


There is no such thing as a bad child, rather a discouraged child:

We believe that bad behavior stems from discouragement. Every behavior has a reason behind it and should never be taken for face value. Think of the behavior as the tip of the iceberg, the true reason lies in what the eye can not see and is hidden much deeper.


Connection Before Correction

We believe it is important to ensure the message of love and respect is communicated before shifting the focus on correcting the behavior.


Parents Recommend


Be Kind and Firm

Being too lenient or too firm can create the opposite result in our efforts to discipline. Having firmness and limits, along with showing kindness and respect, will send the message that you will love them no matter what and loving them does not mean giving in to every demand.


Discipline can be used to teach children social and life skills

We believe that punishment, although it might stop misbehavior immediately, can also cause long term damage. True discipline takes time and teaches life and social skills, while also correcting behavior.

Helpful Tips & Articles

by Lilit Vartanian, M.Ed.


The Problem With Punishment

What is discipline? How do you define it? For many, including myself at some point, discipline means to punish. You punish or discipline the child so they don’t continue the bad behavior. Most people use punishment and discipline interchangeably. Rewards are used in the same way, you reward a child for good behavior. When we ...

The Lasting Impact of our Words

We have all heard the old saying: Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me. The reality of it is that words can be hurtful. Furthermore, words have the power to build a person’s self-esteem or completely destroy a person. Words can have a lasting effect on individuals and that...


Why You Shouldn’t Count On Counting

When my two-and-a-half-year-old son (now four) turned into the boss baby and refused to get dressed to go out, I knew I had a big problem. Of course, I resorted to a tactic thousands of parents resort to, counting! I told him, “I am going to count to 5 and if you don’t get dressed ...


“Lilit is fantastic! Validating, practical, useful, and clear. There are so many [parenting] classes that push fads. This is research based and intuitive too.” 


“I really enjoyed and found it [workshop] very helpful. Honestly, everything was significant to learn. I hope we are able to attend more workshops” 


“I found the class very helpful. What was significant for me was finding healthy ways to discipline.” 


“What was most significant for me was talking to other parents about struggles and knowing you are not alone. I would recommend this [workshop/service] to another parent because it is always great to get new tools.”

Parent Testimonials : 

Hear what other parents are saying:


Parent Engagement Specialist
Child Development Center

“It has been a pleasure to have Lilit Vartanian from Heart in Heart Parenting come to our Child Development Center at Los Angeles Valley College.  Her trainings have proven to be invaluable to our parents and staff.  Lilit is extremely organized and comes to every training early and well prepared.  Her trainings are extremely helpful, engaging and fun as she has open discussions with parents and staff, incorporating activities and personal experiences with her knowledge and guidance in the field of Child Development.  Every person that has attended Lilit’s trainings has expressed their appreciation for helping them grow and learn, and have conveyed how beneficial her trainings are.  We have an overwhelming response from people requesting when she is returning to our Center!  We are truly grateful that Lilit has been here for us all!”


School Director Montessori School

“Our school is so fortunate to have Lilit as a teacher and mentor of Positive Discipline to myself, my staff and our parents.  She has prepared and led PD workshops on our campus on several occasions.  During both workshops she taught about PD using examples that all of us could connect/relate to, she provided everyone opportunities to practice in role playing activities and she created a comfortable environment for the attendees to share their personal struggles. Lilit creates a beautiful atmosphere of respect, support and interactive learning in each workshop that she leads. Her positivity, nurturing nature, and tremendous patience with others makes working with Lilit such a pleasure. We plan to invite her to continue to provide teacher and parent workshops on our campus several times annually for years to come.  She has become an incredibly valuable asset to our teaching team and we are so grateful for the support that she provides to all of us.”

Jamie, M.Ed.,

General Ed/Special Ed Teacher

“Meeting Lilit 7 years ago in my first year of teaching was enlightening. She taught me how to deliver effective, and engaging social science instruction. She shared ideas and ways of effective classroom management, and organization, which are key components of having a successful classroom and school year. Most notably, I simply appreciated our conversations as she was always supportive of me and knowing when to check in while allowing me to learn on my own. Thank you Lilit for being an awesome colleague, mentor and friend. Your guidance has helped me every step of the way in my teaching journey.”



“Lilit is great! The most effective part of the class for me was when we actually put what we learned into practice. I would highly recommend this workshop to teachers and parents, she was very helpful.”

Educator Testimonials :

Hear what administrators and educators are saying: