For Parents

One-on-One Parent Coaching

Sometimes resolving the difficult moments in our parenting journey comes down to having a thought partner to bounce off ideas and get suggestions. Some of my most difficult parenting issues were resolved as a result of one-on-one coaching. In a one-on-one session we will schedule a time that is convenient for you, where we will spend 50 mins discussing your specific parenting needs. In addition, we will take each situation you are facing and problems solves together using a variety of positive discipline tools.  One-on-one sessions can be conducted in person, on the phone, or via Facetime/Skype. You are not obligated to commit to more than one session. Sessions can be requested on an as-needed basis.

Parenting Courses

Parenting is hard. Children come with a great deal of responsibility. Besides making sure they are loved, fed, well kept, and safe, we as parents want to make sure they grow up to be contributing members of society. When you take a group course you will gain new knowledge and acquire over 50 tools which will not only keep you from pulling your hair out when dealing with your children but will also help you teach them life and social skills for the future. In addition, our group courses are a great way to meet other parents and problem solve together (parents help parents problem-solve activity) because chances are other parents are dealing with some of the same challenges. Our group courses run anywhere between 6-7 weeks long and we discuss a plethora of topics including some of the following:

  • How to be kind and firm at the same time

  • Nurturing yourself

  • Positive time outs

  • Creating a wheel of choice with your child

  • Finding solutions together through the use of family meetings

  • Using routines effectively through the use of routine charts

  • Using curiosity questions to help children explore the consequences of their choices

  • Encouragement vs. Praise

  • Giving limited choices

  • Do vs. don’t

  • The belief behind the behavior

  • Top Card (personality style) and what it invites from children and others

  • How trauma affects the brain and nervous system

  • Self-regulating techniques

  • And so much more!

Workshop (Half Day or Full Day)

A wide range of topics are available for our workshops. Some of the topics we will explore in these workshops include:

  • An introduction to positive discipline

  • The role of encouragement in parenting vs. praise

  • Brain in the palm of the hand

  • Effective communication between parent and child

  • Reducing power struggles and promoting a peaceful family

  • How trauma affects the brain and nervous system

  • Sibling rivalry

  • Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

  • Routines and procedures

  • Teaching encouragement and self esteem through household tasks

  • Natural and logical consequences

  • Children do better when they feel better

  • Beliefs and their physiological effects on a child’s brain

  • And much, much more!